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Ready for a Senior Buddy™?

A Senior Buddy™ will assist you with making appointments, keeping your home in order, staying in touch with friends, and everything in between. Teaming up with a compassionate and able-bodied fellow senior enriches life in countless ways, and it would be our joy to help you find a great match.

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Connecting seniors with fellow Senior Buddies™ for
companionship and in-home care.

We can help you stay on top of life!

Assistance in-home and around town.

Our job is to support you in doing the things you enjoy most, and taking care of important tasks that need to get done. Whether you prefer your Senior Buddy™ to tackle tasks alongside you, or handle it themselves so you don’t have to worry about it, you can count on them to make life easier.

We make sure it’s a great match.

At 1Senior2Another we take pride in carefully matching each of our clients with the best Senior Buddy™ for their unique needs and personality. Senior Buddies™ are selected based on their sincere desire to create meaningful connections and assist fellow seniors in the challenges of everyday life.

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Would a Senior Buddy™ be helpful?

If you have difficulty doing the everyday things that used to be easy, we believe a Senior Buddy™ will be tremendously helpful. 1Senior2Another exists to provide the necessary support for you to remain in the comfort of your own home while keeping all the important things in order.

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